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Nursery furniture
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At a certain stage of the child's life, his room contains a play area in which you can also place special furniture: for outdoor games.
Its range is represented by different slides, swings, ladders, poufs and children's houses. When installing their parts, it is very important to carefully and slowly perform the installation, fix the fasteners. All furniture for games must be strong enough and stable, but not too heavy, and its shape – streamlined.
If your children grow up aesthetes and already have certain requirements for the interior, you may be interested in the option in the photo below. As you can see, the designers have created a kind of "Kingdom of geometry" with an elegant color scheme. All the space is formed with clear lines and regular shapes. In it, even the railings of the upper tier of the bed are an inseparable design element, and a stunning chair in a round capsule looks like its final and spectacular touch.
Purple accents in the design of the nursery.
Children in white and purple tones
White and purple range in the room for little fashionistas
Modern bedroom furniture, including bunk beds, can have a variety of configurations that allow you to optimally and effectively fit it into any space.
The variant presented below is interesting because the tiers are not parallel, but perpendicular to each other. Therefore, it can be offered to parents whose age difference in children is quite large. The same model may appeal to families with one child, but do not have a spacious home.
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Nursery furniture set
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