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Nursery furniture
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Safety first
Every piece of furniture in the room where the child grows, must meet the requirements of unconditional safety.
Choose one of the two options for filling children's furniture to be sure that the child is not threatened by the collapse of the rack or fall from a shaky chair.
If the bed – it is necessary with strong mounts, wardrobe – low and stable, and shelves – securely mounted, but light.
There are very convenient options for Cabinet furniture, represented by built-in cabinets, open shelves, and desktops with retractable elements. Such furniture is placed along the walls or in niches, thereby saving space for outdoor games baby or classes more adult child. Built-in pieces of furniture will not turn over, they are reliable and compact, as well as roomy, so the rest of the furniture may not be necessary.
The second option for the children's room is modular furniture: stand-alone chests of drawers, shelves, racks, consoles and cabinets. When choosing them, pay attention to the fact that each object was stable (on low wide legs, or without them) and commensurate with the size of the room - clutter valuable area is not necessary.
If the room has a bunk bed, in addition to the strength of the support elements, ergonomics of the steps leading to the top shelf is important: it is better if the ladder is made of wood, with wide treads of steps and a non-slip roller.
Make sure that all the corners of the furniture were rounded and smooth, wooden elements – without roughness and burrs, then your peace of mind will not break anything.
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Nursery furniture set
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