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Nursery furniture
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Not always what is cheaper is worse, and the high cost is not a guarantee of quality. But if you take the search for furniture for children responsibly, you can find the best option: practical and affordable furnishings.
Eco-friendly furniture is above all, so you should think about buying a wooden bed, work or play tables and other items. Oak furniture will serve perfectly and look good, but the alternative can be beech or walnut, as the main material.
Metal parts in children's furniture should not be much, as they are quite traumatic and cold to the touch. The use of glass and plastic items is also not recommended.
Upholstery should be chosen breathable, natural, with a mixture of synthetic fibers for easier cleaning. But in General, the rule in the arrangement of children's rooms – it is less, but it is better, therefore, it is more appropriate to put two or three basic items of practical and environmentally friendly material than clutter the children's set of things of dubious quality.
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Nursery furniture set
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