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Nursery furniture
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Do not put the bed foot to the door. Many believe that this is not a good sign, because so out of the room endure the dead. Feng Shui also categorically prohibits this position of the bed, because at night through the door to the bedroom can penetrate negative energy. In other matters, if you can not rearrange the bed, you can reduce the negative impact, if during sleep the door is always closed.
Improper location of the bed footboard to the door.
Headboard to the window
In a dream, a person is absolutely relaxed, defenseless and vulnerable, because at this time he needs support more than ever, the window can not provide a full sense of security, it is impossible to rely on. It is better if the head of the bed will touch the wall.
Improper location of the bed headboard to the window.
Bed by the window
If you turned the bed headboard to the wall, but put close to the window, you also did not quite right. And it's not only in Feng Shui, everything is much easier and more pragmatic – from the window there is cold air, because of which it is easy to catch a cold, and even get a more serious disease. Don't experiment with your health!
Items above the bed
Heavy chandeliers, closets over the bed can cause imperceptible anxiety, seem (albeit subconsciously) a threat, not allowing to relax for real, which can lead to insomnia.
Bed in the aisle to the window
Passage door-window. This is not the best position for the bed due to the fact that it is between the door and the window there is an active movement of various energies that will not allow you to sleep peacefully.
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Nursery furniture set
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