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Why do children like bunk beds so much?
If at preschool age children need constant attention of parents, they want to spend more time in the company of adults, as they grow up, this need is replaced by the need for personal space. And the task of parents is to provide it regardless of whether there is a separate room for the child or not. You can solve this problem by ordering a son or daughter bunk bed or furniture set type attic. In such structures, the sleeping space is located at the top, under the ceiling, and the working area, storage systems are located under it, that is, in the lower part. If the bed is designed for two children, the bottom is the second bed, and shelves and shelves on the sides (most often).

The bunk beds efficient use of every square meter: the child receives a furniture complex, which have a bed to sleep in, a ladder to safely move from tier to tier, drawers for linens, drawers and shelves for storage of personal belongings. The child can place all his favorite and necessary items in the cabinets, and most importantly – he gets personal space. This is a real dream for many children who already feel adult and independent.

Note the main advantages noted by students, talking about their bunk beds:

  • reliability: you can move and jump on the beds without any restrictions;
  • freedom: parents are unlikely to be able to invade personal space, as simply afraid to climb to the second floor;
  • protection: sleeping on the second floor of the bed is not scary, as there are protective bumpers;
  • beauty: bunk beds look beautiful and stylish;
  • easy care: beds and furniture items do not need to be washed often, wipe, as they rarely have stains and any traces of dirt;
  • many,many boxes: parents are less likely to scold children for the mess, as you can quickly put all the things on the shelves, sections, remove the bed in special drawers.
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Nursery furniture set
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