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Nursery furniture
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Features of the choice of furniture for boys and girls
In both cases, the comfort of objects is important for the child, but when it comes to boys, it is better to pay attention to the multifunctional and practical furniture, which can be used as a storage for parts of the designer, toys, cars and other interesting, necessary things for the boy. In this case, a multi-level rack with a large number of compartments, open and closed, will be useful. The boy's room will be complemented by comfortable unusual furniture, for example, a pear-chair. The bed should be strong, concise shape, as well as a mini-sofa, cabinets or wardrobe: decorative details go by the wayside.
For the girl's room is important note of tenderness, the situation will breathe it, if you choose a bed in bright colors, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe in tone with decorative handles or a beautiful painting. If you can not buy expensive furniture, you can furnish the girl's room with more affordable furniture, but to complement the image of a rocking chair, a light canopy over the bed, fluffy poufs and a bookcase with delicate details in the design.
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Nursery furniture set
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